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From Participants

Cameron's presence, spiritual understanding and groundedness are a source of inspiration and a guide for my interests and career path.


Cameron is clear, professional and inspirational.  She is one of the top professors at Lesley…she put merit back into my experience. 


Incredible instructor!  Cameron is flexible, engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring!


If you have a choice, take any course with Cameron!  I have never felt so important, validated.  What a fantastic person to bring the reality and decrease fear.


This workshop was 100% engaging, inspirational and interactive.  Great balance of presentation, experientials, community and individual processing.


Amazing instruction!  Cameron was clearly fascinated by the work at hand and engaged in her teaching, so that everyone else was fascinated and engaged!


Cameron is one of the best teachers I have had in my educational experience.  She is articulate, incredibly engaging, empathetic, unintimidating and understanding.  How could we not love this class, learn a TON and get so excited about the material???


Cameron is wonderful:  enthusiastic, supportive, patient, kind and knowledgeable…truly a first class instructor!  I could not stay away, in spite of life circumstances!


I am very impressed, inspired and invigorated by Cameron: a passionate, supportive instructor.


Cameron is THE TEACHER.  She is organized and compassionate…the best I have ever experienced.


Cameron’s range of knowledge and sensibilities qualifies her uniquely for this experience.  She is sensitive to offering learning moments with compassion.  Her thoroughness includes left-brain (time management, clear structure) with right brain (intuitiveness, compassion, creativity).


Cameron held the space to allow the intelligence and personality of the participants to enrich one another.


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