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This is a time of great personal and collective need and challenge. Opportunities for growth and transformation are present when we recognize resilience as a creative spiritual process.  Still Woman was founded as an interfaith holistic community that supports renewed quality of life, manifestation of life purpose and service to humanity. 


Still Woman resources and offerings are designed to energize inborn creativity and spirituality by way of authentic practice grounded in a variety of traditions.  This work will awaken impulses of regeneration so that we may persevere on the path of the life we are called to live.



How may we manifest proactive intention in service to humanity and our planet Earth and fulfill our sacred purpose? 



You may choose to emphasize one or more of the following in your exploration going forward:


To affirm the integrated spirit of the feminine and masculine in all beings.



To open to liberating ways of knowing and being human in the world.



To commit to a process of learning as the antidote to fear and violence.



To cultivate proactive practice rather than reactive habit.



To invoke the sacred magic of the creative process.



To awaken and stabilize our connection to The Sacred Source, however it may be known.



To strengthen our natural inclination toward cooperation, compassion, tolerance and generosity. 













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